Free Valentines Game: Apple Seeds Equal Love

Free Valentines Game: Apple Seeds Equal Love post thumbnail image


Here is a good game to play with your guests at your next Valentine’s Day party.

It does take a bit of planning to pull off this game yet it is fun and if you get some help, won’t be much trouble at all.

What’s more, this Valentine’s Day party game is a blast to play with young and with older guests.

Apple seeds act as charms on Valentine’s Day. Stick one on each eyelid and name one “Home” and the other “Travel.”

If seed named travel stays on longer, you will go on a Valentine’s day journey before year ends . If “Home” clings better, you will remain home.

Again, take all the apple seeds, place them on back of outspread left hand and with loosely clenched right hand strike palm of left.

This will cause some, if not all, of seeds to fall. Those left on hand show number of emails you will receive tomorrow. If all seeds drop, you must wait patiently for your emails.

Put twelve apple seeds carefully to one side while you cut twelve red paper Valentine hearts exactly alike, and on one side of each write name of a friend. Turn them all over with blanks uppermost and mix them so that you will not know which is which; then, holding seeds in your left hand; repeat:

“One I love,
Two I love,
Three I love I say;
Four I love with all my heart
Five I cast away.
Six he loves,
Seven she loves,
Eight they both love;
Nine he comes,
Ten he tarries,
Eleven he courts and
Twelve he marries.”

Stop at each line of poem to place a seed on your Valentine heart, and turn heart over to discover name of one you love or cast away. Continue matching apple seeds with hearts as you count, until all twelve seeds and twelve papers are used.

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