Free Valentines Game: Bobbing for Valentines

Free Valentines Game: Bobbing for Valentines post thumbnail image


Guests will love this classic party game and the rules for it are very simple.

You know bobbing for apples from all of those years playing as a child.

Why not pass this game down to your children in this fun Valentine’s Day party?

This Valentine’s Day party game is easy to play. Plus the party supplies for it will serve as decoration for your party area, adding to the fun atmosphere.

Into one tub half filled with water, place apples equal in number to the number of boys at the party.

Tie tiny red hearts to each apple on which has been written the name of each boy; while across the room is a similar tub, the names of the girls are placed.

With hands tied behind them the teenagers try to bite the apples with their teeth.

The person named on the apple will be a long time friend and your Valentine for that party.

It’s a bit of a twist on a game that you all will love and want to talk about. Its great for adults and children alike.

You can create a way to give party favors in the game by say giving a treat to those who can get an apple within a certain timeframe.

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