Free Valentines Game: Complexion of Your Valentines

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Nearly everyone gets curious about their future and a Valentine’s Day party is a great time to take advantage of that curiousity.

So if you want to find out all that you can about your future and who will you end up with?

Here’s a Valentine’s Day party game that will help you to learn a bit more about that person. Here’s how to play.

To find out the complexion of future mate, select three soft, fluffy feathers. (If none is handy, ask for a pillow and rip open and take out feathers.)

On bottom end of each feather, fasten a small red paper heart with tape or glue to keep in place.

Write “blonde” on one paper; “brunette,” on another, and “medium” on the third. Label red paper hearts before gluing them on feathers.

Hold up feather by its top and send it flying with a puff of breath.

Do same with the other two; the feather landing nearest you denotes complexion of your true love.

To make test sure, try three times, not using too much force in blowing feathers, which should land on table, not on floor.

Have the party guests guess which complexioned mate each player will end up with and give a tasty party favor treat to those who guess correctly each time.

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