Free Valentines Game: Cupid Holds Your Fate

Free Valentines Game: Cupid Holds Your Fate post thumbnail image


The Valentine’s holiday can be filled with lots of mystical fortune telling.

Are you ready to find out what the future has in store for you? If so, hosting a Valentine’s Day party is the way to learn it.

In fact, with this Valentine’s Day party game, that’s exactly what you can do! Guests take part, In this Valentines day game. Start with everyone seated in a circle in the party games area. Three people are chosen.

Each of the three will whisper to each guest their future fates.

The first of the three chosen will give guests the name of their future sweetheart.

The second person whispers the place where they will meet; ie; “You will meet at the mall,” or, “online,” or, “at church,” or, “at the bank,” etc.

The third person reveals the future; such as, “You will marry him (her) next Christmas,” or, “You will be separated many years by a quarrel, but will finally marry,” or, “Neither of you will ever marry,” etc.

Each guest must remember what is said by the three; then each in turn repeats aloud what has been told him (her).

For example, “My future sweetheart’s name is Frederick; I shall meet him next Wednesday at restaurant, and we shall be married in six months.”

Give everyone who can remember their fate correctly a special Valentine’s party favor, such as a goodie bag with candy.

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