Free Valentines Game: Decorative Valentines Day Collage Game

Free Valentines Game: Decorative Valentines Day Collage Game post thumbnail image


A collage game can get the creative noodles of your guests going and its so fun.

Looking for a fun game to play at the next Valentine’s Day party that you are hosting?

This is the one to play that will have everyone laughing and having fun.

A Valentines Day game that stretches the imagination. Separate the guests into several teams.

Have an assortment of these party supplies on hand; magazines (usually 3-5 per group), glue, scissors and an 11×14 piece of construction paper, for each team.

Give each team a list of Valentine words such as love, arrow, cupid, etc., usually about 15 words of things that they need to find in their magazines that they need to glue to the paper.

First team finished wins! The winning team can have prizes like Valentine’s Day party favors! They will love this game! Use the artistic creations as decoration for your party games area.

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