Free Valentines Game: Find Your Match

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We all think of Valentine’s Day as a very romantic time of year.

So finding a match on Valentine’s Day just seems right, right?

Here’s a great game to play at your next Valentine’s Day party that can make sure that everyone is looking for their match. This Valentine’s Day party game, though, isn’t about finding people matches at all!

You’ll nee the following party supplies; take half as many apples as guests, tie two long strings, one red and one pink, to each apple.

Decorate the strings with small Valentine hearts. Place them in one large or several small baskets on a table.

The girls choose the pink and the boys the red strings and at a signal they carefully pull the strings and follow them up until each finds his or her mate holding the string of the opposite color, attached to the same apple.

The apples are then to be cut between each couple and the seeds in each half, counted as follows:

One–I love thee. Two–he (she) loves me. Three–Wedded we will be. Four–he (she) loves me dearly. Five–he (she) loves me nearly. Six–a friend forever. Seven–we must sever. Eight–we met too late. Nine–why hesitate. Ten–he (she) is my chosen mate.

You can cap off this loving party game by giving each of the two players a goodie bag of party favors to share.

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