Free Valentines Game: Fortune on Valentines

Free Valentines Game: Fortune on Valentines post thumbnail image


Those fortune telling games are great for the holidays, especially for this Valentine’s holiday time of year.

So, when you are looking for a great Valentine’s Day party game to play, look no farther than this one.

Simple and silly it is, but it is also a lot of fun to play with your guests. Place four saucers on table in line.

Into first put dirt; into second, water; into third, a ring; into fourth, a rag.

Guests are blindfolded and led around table twice; then told to go alone and put fingers into saucer.

If they put into dirt, it means divorce; into water, a trip across ocean; where ring is, to marry; where rag is, never to marry.

Valentine favors are given to guests as they leave.

Make sure to have fun with this game so that everyone remembers it!

Or else your party games may not be the talk of the town, just kidding.

This Valentine’s party game will add that needed mystic to your Valentine’s event.

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