Free Valentines Game: Go Valentines Nuts

Free Valentines Game: Go Valentines Nuts post thumbnail image


Let the guests go a little nuts at the next Valentine’s event.

For your Valentine’s Day party, here’s a great game that you can play and the guest will have lots of fun.

They’ll also feel like a nut after playing this one! Its also a kind of fortune telling game for those interested in knowing more about their futures.

Open some English walnuts, remove the insides and in each half shells fasten short pieces of differently colored Valentines candles and name them for each guest.

Light the party supply candles and set them afloat in a large tub of water decorated with party favors for Valentines day.

Sometimes candles will huddle together as if talking to one another while one will be left alone, out in the cold. Again, two will start off and all the rest will closely follow. The one whose candle first goes out is destined to be a bachelor or old maid.

These Valentine party nut-shell boats may also be made by pouring melted wax into halves of walnut-shells in which are short strings for wicks decorated in Valentine colors.

These will make fun Valentine party favors for your guests as well.

You can really have fun with this game and it doesn’t take much planning a head of time to really pull off either.

Be sure to give the guests their half shell party favors in a goodie bag of Valentine’s Day candy.

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