Free Valentines Game: Hearts Are Wild

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You’ll get lots of different types of people at your Valentine’s Day party. So, for your next Valentine’s Day event, you should plan to have a few games to play that will help everyone on the guest list to have fun.

Here is a Valentine’s Day party game that every will be wild over. Two teams take part in this game. Each team consists of 6 players.

The teams form up in lines. The first 2 players in each line are given teaspoons. At the distance of 8 m from the teams there are 2 chairs.

On each chair there is a candy heart. The first players run to the chairs with their spoons and put the candy heart on them without using their hands.

They then run back, put the candy hearts onto the spoons of the second players and give their spoons to the third players of their teams. If the a candy hearts falls down the players must pick it with the help of their spoons and continue the game.

The winners and the conquered get boxes of candy as prizes. Or, give them a fun themed Valentines Day party favor so that they can remember all the fun they had here.

These party favors can be heart shaped picture frames, albums, keychains or candy.

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