Free Valentines Game: Miss Valentine Game

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You’ll need ways to keep the guests entertained during the Valentine’s Day party.

Sometimes, playing a simple party game can be fun. Other times it can be a test of memory, skill and even important details you should know.

Try this Valentine’s Day game to see exactly what that means. How well do you know your significant other?

Play this delightful game and find out. In this game, an instructor names different items of things found in a woman’s purse.

The lady tries to find these items in their purses. The ladies raise these items above the heads. The lady who does not the named item in her purse is out of the game.

The lady who has all the items named by the instructor is given a prize and a title of Miss World.

Samples of the items: a lipstick, a mirror, mascara, eye-shadows, cheek-color, eye-liner and so on.

Have fun with it and don’t worry if you aren’t so sure of the right answer. You can give a goodie bag filled with Valentine’s Day themed treats to the women with the most points.

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