Free Valentines Game: Pinning Hearts

Free Valentines Game: Pinning Hearts post thumbnail image


Guests can be a little lovelorn during your Valentine’s day party.

Why not use Valentine’s Day party games to distract them and make the party more enjoyable?

Here is a very simple one to play with that t’ween crowd. They will love trying to figure it all out in the end.

Write all the letters of the alphabet on valentine hearts.

Place the hearts with the letters, on a large piece of white paper on the wall.

Each guest in turn is blindfolded and given a push-pin, then led to the wall, where he (she) is expected to stick pin into one of the letters on the wall, thus indicating the initial of future life-partner.

Valentine favors will be the heart with the special initial on it. Those lovelorn guests will really get into this particular Valentine’s party game.

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