Free Valentines Game: The Love Game

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This true or false party game can be lots of fun for the guests at your Valentine’s Day party. Do you want to have some fun at your next Valentines Day party?

Then to spice things up a bit and have a lot of fun, here’s the game for you to play with your guests.

Make sure only those that want to play play and that everything stays positive! All the players tell theirs stories about past dates they have been on in turn.

Some stories are true and some stories are fabricated. As the tale-teller finishes his/her telling the story all the players express their opinion in turn: true or fabricated.

The player who is right gets a point. The player who is mistaken looses a point. The tale-tellers take their turns around the circle.

When every player has told a story, the players count the points. The one who has the most points wins. Also, at the end everyone can vote on the best true story and the best fake story.

The people who told those stories each should win a Valentines prize too. You can make these prizes anything related to the Valentine’s Day party theme.

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