Free Valentines Game: The Valentine Cupid Game

Free Valentines Game: The Valentine Cupid Game post thumbnail image

THE VALENTINE CUPID GAME: Everyone loves a little drama during the Valentine’s Day season.

For your next Valentine’s Day party or event, consider putting on a new role and having some fun with this Valentines Day game. Here is your big chance to play cupid and throw the arrows of love. The contestants are given darts (arrows) with balloons shaped as hearts as targets.

The balloon heart in the center can have scores on them. The one furthest away from the center can have lower scores, for example 10 points for the outside balloon hearts and 100 points for the center one. The players take turns and everyone should remain playing fair!

Each player can have 5 darts (or whichever amount is agreed upon.) The one with the highest score wins. Make sure to have Valentine’s themed party favors for all that play this great game. You can make these party favors anything related to the holiday like chocolate, heart shaped candles or lots of red feather boas. More free Valentine Games

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