Free Valentines Game: Treasure Hunt

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Everyone loves a good quest or treasure hunt when playing some party games.

So when you are looking for a great Valentine’s Day game to play with your guests, you will want to try to play this one.

It may take a bit of planning ahead of time to pull it off, but it is well worth the little work that it does take.

In this Valentines game the seeker for a prize is guided from place to place by clues written on heart shaped paper. The party guest is started on the hunt with this rhyme.

“Perhaps you’ll find it in the air If not, look underneath your chair.”

Beneath his chair he finds the following: “No, you will not find it here; Search the clock and have no fear.

” Under the clock he finds: “You will have to try once more; Look behind the patio door.”

Tied to the door-knob he discovers: “If it’s not out by the garbage cans; Look beneath the kitchen pans”

Under the kitchen pans he finds another note, which reads: “If your quest remains uncertain, You will find it beneath a curtain.

And here his quest is rewarded by finding a fun Valentine prize, like Valentine’s Day themed party favors!

These party favors can be Valentine cards, noisemakers, mini tambourines or just good tasty candy.

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