Free Valentines Game: Valentine Dance

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Nothing says the Valentine’s Day party has to be all pleasantry and politeness.

Adding a bit of competition to your next Valentine’s Day party is sure to make it more enjoyable.

Here’s a Valentine’s Day game that’s perfect for just that. In this Valentines Day game you have to be fast or you will lose out.

You’ll need party supply cards with different pictures are cut into 3 pieces on a zig-zag line. One part is given to the girl, 2 other parts are given to the boys.

The boy who finds the girl first asks her for a dance. They should randomly be handed the paper.

If you have more girls then boys or equal numbers, then the boys could each get two paper pieces, but may only dance with the first girl they match their paper too. The winners and players of this game should get Valentine’s day themed party favors.

You can give a couple of goodie bags to the couple that meets up first during this fun Valentine’s party game. More free Valentine Games

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