Free Valentines Game: Valentines Capture Game

Free Valentines Game: Valentines Capture Game post thumbnail image


Get your party games guests working in teams with this active Valentine’s Day game. If you would like to add some fun to your next Valentine’s Day party and will have a group of people to play with.

Here, you’ll just need a bit of planning ahead of time to really make the most out of this game. The players are divided into 2 teams: “pink” for the girls and “blue” for the boys teams.

The teams stand in lines facing each other in the party games area. The leader throws a cardboard disk (one side of which is pink, the other is blue).

Depending on the side of the disk which faces up (pink or blue) the players of one team try to catch the players of the other. The Valentine’s party team which has the greatest number of captives wins.

The players may begin catching their rivals only at the leaders command “Pink!” or “Blue!” Give a large goodie bag filled with treats to the winning team after the party game. More free Valentine Games

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