Free Valentines Game: Valentines Day Famous TV Couples Game

Free Valentines Game: Valentines Day Famous TV Couples Game post thumbnail image


Sometimes its hard to have fun party games for everyone at your Valentine’s Day party because the guests are of all different ages.

Are you looking for a fun Valentine’s Day game to play with people of all ages?

Here is one that you can play with your adult friends at your next event. Write down the last names of at least 20 famous TV couples.

Have the party games guests try to guess the first names and write them down. You can do this game in teams.

They only have 5 minutes to guess the names. Then read the first names and the TV show that they were from. It’s a fun game to play.

Whoever gets the most names correct wins the Valentine’s Day game. Also, you can print out pictures of the couples ( has pictures).

Then have the teams guess both first and last names. You can make this as challenging or as simple as you like. Make sure to get pretty unique, though!

After the game is over you can give out party favors to the guests with the most correct guesses.

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