Free Valentines Game: Valentines Day Symbol Game

Free Valentines Game: Valentines Day Symbol Game post thumbnail image


It can be difficult to keep the guests interested in your party games.

Are you looking for something interesting to do at your next Valentine’s Day party?

Well, this party game is easy to play is definitely one that qualifies as interesting!

A Valentine game based on an old wise tail is fun and intriguing.

You’ll need a ring, thimble and penny. Before the party games start hide them all in a room.

Then let your guests on the loose to look for them.

The party guest who finds the ring, will marry soon; the thimble means life of single blessedness; the penny promises wealth.

What a fun Valentine’s day game! You can make it as hard or as simple as you like, but do have lots of fun with it!

Also you can give a party favor prize to the guest who finds the first object.

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