Free Valentines Game: Valentines Love Song Competition

Free Valentines Game: Valentines Love Song Competition post thumbnail image


American Idol is getting pretty popular and as a result singing games are popping up all over for Valentine’s Day.

Do you have some singing fans out there? Are you looking for lots of fun at your next Valentine’s Day party?

If so, here are some of the best games to play. This one is sure to win you a spot on that famous singing competition on television! Here is a Valentine game that will definitely send you down memory lane.

First, divide the guests into groups. The instructor reads 3 lines of couplet or chorus of the well-known love song.

The task is to sing the 4th line correctly. The group that gets the most right wins. Also, you can give extra points for the first team to name each song, it’s singer, and it’s writer.

A party music CD is a nice gift for the winners of the Valentines Love song. Or you can give out a few select party favors to all the guests for playing the game.

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