Free Valentines Game: Valentines Prize Game

Free Valentines Game: Valentines Prize Game post thumbnail image


Be sure to have this party game at your next Valentine’s Day party event.

Its fun and the host has an easy time getting ready for this game, too! This is an easy Valentines Day party game where everyone can be a winner.

Hang some party favor prizes by string from the ceiling. Wrap up the prizes with the many-colored paper so that the players cannot guess what kind of prizes these are. Each player is blindfolded and given scissors. Spin the player.

The player comes to the string and cuts off one of the prizes. Some appropriate gifts for this Valentines Day would be a box of chocolates, a plastic rose or a dart game even would be a great choice.

Have fun and make sure that everyone gets a prize for playing the game. This can be the last game you’ll play before everyone goes home after the Valentine’s Day party.

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