Free Valentines Game: Vegetable Nuts

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There are a lot of party games out there. Are you looking for something fun to play at your next Valentine’s Day party?

Try this party game on for size. You will need a bit of planning before hand, but it is well worth it!

Start the game by passing party supply pencils and paper hearts to each guest with the following written upon it:
1 (A Dairy product.)
2 (A Vegetable.)
3 (A Country.)
4 (A Girl’s name.)
5 (A structure.)
6 (A name often applied to one of our presidents.)
7 (Every Ocean has one.)
8 (That which often holds a treasure.)
9 (The names of two boys.)
10 (A letter of the alphabet and an article made of tin.)

Explain that the above describes ten different nuts, which they are to guess.

The nuts described are
(1) butternut;
(2) peanut;
(3) brazil nut;
(4) hazel nut;
(5) walnut;
(6) hickory nut;
(7) beechnut;
(8) chestnut;
(9) filbert;
(10) pecan.

A prize may be awarded to the one first having the most correct answers on their Valentine’s heart.

For prizes for this game, why not use Valentine’s Day themed party favors or other small trinkets you know they will enjoy?

You’ll have a great time picking the party favors out and the guests will enjoy recieving them.

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