The Tradition Of Valentines Day and Why We Celebrate It

The Tradition Of Valentines Day and Why We Celebrate It post thumbnail image

Valentines Day, also known as St. Valentines Day, is an almost world wide holiday celebrated even in Japan and Africa, amongst many others . This holiday, originated well over a thousand years ago in Europe, is held in celebration of Saint Valentine.

Well, actually there were several founders, all martyrs of Christianity with the same name. No one knows exactly why they are celebrated, and even Pope Gelasius I who started the holiday in 496 A.D. only says they were great men whose deeds where known only to god. The idea of two lovers celebrating romance came in much late later near the 14th century probably to make up for the vagueness of the celebration or at least that was the first time it was associated with love in one of Geoffrey Chaucer’s poems.

Regardless of where this lovely holiday came from, nowadays it is practically the second most celebrated holiday right after Christmas, according to greeting card sales. The main theme of Valentines Day is hearts, lots and lots of red and pink hearts floating about everywhere. You could also throw in a cupid or two aiming a heart shaped arrow at someone. The best and most prominent way to celebrate Valentines Day is to send a valentine to close friends and families as well as anyone you may have fallen in love with. This usually consists of a Valentines card, and chocolate or flowers. Handmade Valentines are preferable, though store-bought is certainly good enough if you need a lot of Valentines.

A lot of people choose to go on a date for Valentines dinner, but for lunch with friends and family you could try to hold a small party. Just make sure to have plenty of paper plates and plastic cups, and utensils so that you can clean up quickly to have time for later. You may want to purchase a heart shaped bracelet or necklace as a gift as well.


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