Valentines Day Party Ideas

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Valentines Day Party Ideas, trivia, activities and Mrs. Party tips are all here to make your party a fun event! Your Valentines Day party can be a memorable holiday by using our clever party ideas and party games to entertain your guests, thus, making a Valentines Day party a fun event. The party ideas and activities will help to make sure that everyone will have a blast at your Valentines Party. Valentines Day trivia and Mrs. Party entertaining tips will add special warming moments for your celebration.

Party Ideas

~ Plan a party game or two.
~ Have an activity or two.
~ Have party gifts for game winners.
~ Have party favors for everyone.
~ Have decorations with your chosen theme.
~ Finger foods are easier for a Valentines Day party.
~ Have gift baskets as centerpieces and give them away as party favors.
~ Have everyone wear a funny Valentines Day hat. Give a prize for the funniest hat.

Valentines Day Trivia

Lots of Valentines Day trivia questions can be created from the Valentines Day facts here: Valentines Day History You can have a few copies of Valentines Day facts around on the coffee table. Then later hide them and ask trivia questions. Whoever answers the most questions right, wins a party gift.

Valentines Activities

~ Pass out Valentines cards.
~ Color in Valentines Day themed pictures.
~ Have a Valentines Day Word find.
~ How many words can you make from Valentines Day Party.

Mrs. Party Tips

~ Plan ahead and be organized.
~ Don’t shop the day of the event.
~ Have extra party favors for the last minute extra guest.
~ Make the environment look festive.
~ Do as much the days prior so that you too can enjoy the party.

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