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Create a magical time at your Valentines Day event with creative Valentines Decorations. Initially, for the guests, the party invitations set the tone, theme and look of the decorations. Throughout Valentines Day history the whole event has been steeped in mystery and suspense and carrying this over into your Valentines Day party planning is easily achievable.

Make sure everyone wears a mask and theme your party on any theme you like. You could go for the traditional devils and angels or something slightly different with a love films theme. Your guests will have to use their imagination to come up with something and none of them should tell any of the other guests what they are going as.

Follow the same look and feel throughout the event. You should base your Valentines Day decorations closely to the theme of your party, so if you are having a devils and angels theme you could decorate one room with flames on the walls and another with clouds.

You should also try to keep your Valentines Day party favors as close to the theme as possible and bear in mind that chocolate and flowers are always a popular Valentines Day gift.

Planning Valentines Day menus can be a little difficult although a finger buffet is best, with light snacks. Valentines Day party ideas should be relatively informal and Valentines Day recipes should match the casual attitude. When buying Valentines Day party supplies you should stick to light sandwiches, sausage rolls and easy too cook, easy to pick at food like that.

Traditional party games for kids work just as well but with a slightly more grown up feel and more grown up prizes or you can dream up your own Valentines Day party games and try them out.

Have fun at your party and so will your guest!

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